How to make a sourdough starter

How to make a sourdough starter.

You mix two tablespoon of warm water with two level tablespoons of rye flour, and put them into a jar (with a volume of around 600 – 800 ml). You should cover the jar with a napkin. It doesn’t matter if the napkin is made of paper or fabric. Leave the jar at room temperature. Every morning and evening you have to feed the starter by adding a tablespoon of flour and a tablespoon of warm water mixed in advance. You should observe the starter to see it beginning to rise.

When I made the first starter it took me more than two weeks. And I was wondering what I was doing wrong. Members of forums shared their opinion that the starter was usually ready for a few days, but my starter wasn’t. At that time I was observing traces of the mixture on the jar walls, BUT in the jar there weren’t any big bubbles which forum members said were a sign that the starter was ready to be used. At that time I used to play cards online, and one Friday evening I was playing until midnight. I had fed the mixture at around 7 p.m. When I finished playing at midnight, I went to see my mixture. What happiness: the jar was full of the risen mixture, and there were a lot of big bubbles! The mystery was solved! The very next day I made my first sourdough bread. When you take part of the mixture, you shouldn’t take the whole of it. Because you should continue feeding a new mixture for a couple of days. After that, if you don’t want to knead new bread, you should keep it in a fridge. Before your next kneading, you should take the mixture out of the fridge one or two days in advance to feed it. It is recommended that you should feed mixture according to the quantity you want to get.

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